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Healing the Heart, Monday April 10th till Monday April 17th 2017

Dear Faeries,

You can also directly fill in the registration form, see also below.

After Winter, Springtime brings rebirth. Life is an endless cycle. Nature goes with it, and we cycle with Nature. We are calling a gathering at the height of the rebirth time of the year to celebrate the Spring and to heal our hearts. April is the month when nature awakens in the Netherlands: flowering trees, blossom, bulbs, sprouting leaves and singing birds. April 11 is the first full moon of Spring and April 16 is Easter Sunday. This special full moon is also called the Pink Moon by Native American cultures and Neopagans because the fields become covered in pink flowers (Flox) in April. 
The Radical Faeries are a queer LGTB tribe. We explore ourselves, our environment and each other in an organic ad playful way. Some keywords: community life, environmentally awareness, spirituality, nature, creativity, non-discrimination, Tantric, open for all genders and ages, nonviolence. We will create a safe space with recognition of each others limitations and discretion. 

Close to the house there are several amazing prehistoric dolmen (in Dutch: hunebed), an ancient place of rituals erected in the Stone Age. The dolmen (hunebedden) were built about 5,000 years ago. They are believed to be a portal of ancient wisdom and a way to connect with the Ancestors. The house is surrounded by beautiful nature: forest, heather fields with pools, sand plains, a national park, old villages and a historical landscape with several dolmens. In the village Drouwen is also a large shop that sells (healing) crystals. 

On Tuesday, April 11 we will celebrate the season with a Healing Pink Moon Ritual. 

The theme of the gathering is Healing the Heart. 

Ideas for activities: sound healing, mantra singing and singing rainbow songs, healing with (gem)stones, ecstatic dance, energy flow ritual, earth energy practice, heart circles, sexual healing, healing/ritual at the Dolmen (at walking distance), power walks in nature, contact , intuitive art, (making) power objects and an altar, shaman work. Ideas for activities are very welcome and there is room for organizing your own activities/workshops and do whatever comes in our minds, it's faerie space :)
Other suggestions: No-Talent Show, Auction, Opening and Closing ceremony, comfort/cuddle party, the city Groningen, visit of museums.

Decisions during the gathering are based on consensus. Every day there will be a practical circle about practicalities, the program and the jobs that has to be done (like cooking, cleaning, shopping).

It's nice if you join activities but you are also free to do your own stuff and relax.


* Pictures:
* Dolmen:
* National Parc:
* In April, the average day temperature is 13ºC, 3ºC at night. (house is fully heated)

House Details

* House called Koolmees at the Kwartjesberg in Drouwen, Netherlands
* Sleeping space for up to 37 faeries, 4 and 6-person bedrooms, all rooms have central heating, and there are warm showers in the house
* Separate kitchen, dining room/living room, wi-fi
* Healing/meditation room, Love temple, heart circle room, creativity room
* Smoking only outside, no hard drugs please
* Sorry, no dogs or other pets allowed
* Delicious vegan/vegetarian food 3 times a day (alcohol is allowed, but will not be provided)

Contribution (see below how to book)

Suggested sliding scale individual contributions for participants (food and tourist tax included):

* 30€ a night
* 20€ a night for faeries with lower income
* 40€ a night for faeries with higher income

Because we have a NOTafLoF policy in the Radical Faerie tradition, higher donations are appreciated and welcome. Please contact us if you cannot pay the 20€ a night. 
Donations are also very welcome in case you are not able to visit the Gathering. 
How to get there?

Address: Gasselterstraat 9, 9533 PC Drouwen
Public transport information: Airport: Amsterdam Schiphol
Flixbus: Groningen (Drouwen about one hour from Groningen by public transport)
Train station: Closest trainstation Assen or Emmen. Ask for full description of the public transport if needed. 
If you want to help to organise the gathering, please let us know. We appreciate your involvement.

Lost of love from  and Raven +31636156335 (Martijn van Weeren) and Liminal Baby +4917698892499 (Awen Scout) Please contact us by facebook, phone or email if you have any questions.


1)Please fill in the registration form, or alternatively, send an email to with the following information:
Complete civil name, your adress (and country), Faerie name, and mobile phone number. Please include any information you feel we should have (phobias, allergies etc). After this you will get an email with all the detail information about the Gathering.
2) Make the contribution
Contribution: bank account NL71 ASNB 0942499026 made payable to M.J.W. van Weeren
Stating: Rebirth Gathering 2017 and your full name
3) As soon as the money is on the account, you will get an email with the confirmation that you have payed. We are looking forward to you.

Please note: an eventually surplus of the gathering is used for benefit of the community and future gathering. The gathering is self-supporting and not for profit. 

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